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After reviewing several HTML5 WebGL engines... Babylon is for me.


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Woot! I love receiving this kind of feedback!! Thank you for using Babylon.js :)

You and your team really deserve it.  Feature wise, Babylon has everything I was looking for and much much more.  Didn't expect it to also be so easy to use.  It's better than what I was looking for.  I can't rave enough about it.  I learned about Gulp which I don't know how I existed without it all these years.  That itself was worth it's weight in gold.

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I agree completely. And I'd like to express my happyness with this platform as well.

I've only recently discovered it and it has made a big impact on how I view the future. The options for creating cool things are virtually limitless now. If only my programming skills were a bit better :-)

So a big thanks from me as well to all the developers! :)

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We're all very happy that you see how fantastic the babylon framework is.  And you'll find that this forum is just as fantastic as the framework itself.  The experience of the users on this forum is unbelievable, as well as their willingness and enthusiasm to help one another advance in their projects and skills and especially to assist newcomers such as you.


You're in for a great experience, as my choice to switch to Babylon.js is the best decision I've made for myself professionally in a long time.


Welcome!  :D



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It's nice to see how babylon gets a good reputation that we make the right choices with this really cool engine.

This engine was created by people who have great experience, they are not in their initial attempts, which makes a high quality engine.

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