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CreateSphere new option : help for naming wanted


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I'm about to add a 2 LOC new feature to the Sphere mesh.

This would allow to create only parts of a sphere, say 30% of its height and 75% of its circumference



The call would be as simple as :

var sphere = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateSphere("sp", {angleRateZ: 0.3, angleRateY: 0.75}, scene);

I just got the names from the variables in the code, but they may not be pertinent : angleRateZ for instance gives the rate of the sphere height and angleRateY the rate gives the rate of the circumference.


So please, lovely users and native english speakers, let me know quickly what names would be the best for this powerful (but cheap in terms of LOC) feature

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I didn't even know this word (well, I know just 60 english words, I guess, and I just pretend to make sentences aarf)


So "wedges" seem good.

Do they fit a cylinder or a tube also ?

How would you say for Y and Z ?


What about "sectors" else ?

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A part of a circumference is an arc so arc:0.75 for a cylinder and sphere would mean 75% of the circumference of the circles perpendicular to the "length" axis. Finding a word for the percentage of height is a bit more difficult as height is already used height_prcnt is a possibility. will think some more.

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As I understand it only one parameter is part of a circumference the other is part of a line. The other parameter is a truncation along a length of line rather than a circumference and so arc does not fit both.

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Actually both are arcs (at least angles).


When building the mesh sphere, we iterate over 2 * PI around an axis and over PI around another orthogonal axis, so two nested loops.


What about simply "arc" for the circumference ratio, as this term would be used also for other mesh with rotations over 2PI like tubes, lathes, cylinders and "arc2" for the second arc which is only specific to the sphere ?


I like the couple arc/slice too.

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let's keep arc for the circumference part

else, there's also "spherical segment" (quite long) for the height part : http://mathworld.wolfram.com/SphericalSegment.html


[EDIT] I'm wrong, these are rather caps : http://mathworld.wolfram.com/SphericalCap.html


[EDIT2] : I love the word lune also : http://mathworld.wolfram.com/SphericalLune.html

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Having slept on it and thinking about the result of the action rather than how the action is achieved then perhaps slice is a better term. You can take a slice of a sphere (think apple) of a cylinder parallel to its axis. For a sphere you could take a second slice perpendicular to the first so slice and slice2?????

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