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[Phaser] Fruit Dating - puzzle game

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 here are some screenshots from our game Fruit Dating. Game was originally native game in my small engine for Android and iOS. In 2014 it was awarded as "Best Reader's Game" at ( Now it was completely rewritten into HTML5 with Phaser.


 It is puzzle game controlled with swipes or arrows. Levels were generated procedurally. I wrote article on this topic here: (also published at




 Technologies used:


 Here is link. We can publish only demo because of licensing - so you can try 3 levels (1 from every world).


 And here is one of our promo pictures :)



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@WombatTurkey, @Apelmon, @rich, @drhayes: thanks :)


@marcgfx: we spent lot of time making the game and also editor / procedural generator (+solver). It was almost 2 years ago.

 Some time ago I read good advice for indies. One of them sounded like: "do not throw away your old games, even if you know you can do it better now. It is kind of assets you have." So, we switched it into html5 because:

 - it can get to number of new players who may like it (this puzzle game concept has not yet been seen thousands times),

 - it is asset that contains our previous effort and by adding some more effort (switching into html5) we can utilize it more,

 - and it was also good practice for me to rewrite it after two years (code is much better now). Along the way I first used that Spriter player for bone animations in real game and created small particle system with some features I needed (like spawning particles into different groups ... for example for smoke from houses), that I can reuse in next games.


 In the end I can say that combination of Phaser + Typescript + Visual Studio 2015 is really great, fits me and increases productivity a lot.

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