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Favorite Coding Playlist Lineups!


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I rarely listen to music while working. Once I had a hard deadline to meet for a school project a couple years back and I was physically exhausted after work but needed an hour or so of work done for a hard deadline. I heard someone say they listened to hans zimmer and sure enough it actually helped. 


Dark Knight Soundtrack:


Hans Zimmer is a famous movie composer with many tracks. I don't think I could listen to this particular track every day, particularity since it's composed more for a movie but occasionally it's interesting.

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While I'm programming I find music a bit distracting, but when working on the "easier" stuff like editing graphics.or levels that's another thing.


Yeah, agreed. That's why I have to listen to music with no lyrics or melodies if you will. If there's lyrics.. my mind tries to comprehend them and yeah I lose performance gains.


I havn't heard of Tom Trago before, seems pretty calming & smooth

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