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Heightmap with the physics engine


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Roller coaster time!  Just one tiny applyImpulse, and the coaster goes for 3 weeks without re-impulse!  WOW! 


How many shades of gray are there?  :)  That's how many steps the Slinky/sphere will need to traverse.


Actually, I just want to put some marbles in a bowl, for now.


Any surface is a (potentially physics-active) heightMap (soon), eh?  Wow.  That's a huge huge statement, Raanan!


The insides of tubes, too?  Too fun!


Thanks for your work on this, R!  Well done! 

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Both are coming this evening. I'm waiting for the new version and the new cannon to be deployed.

@wingnut - I'm already experimenting with other kinds of structures. But a height map impostor will only fit open objects (a bowl is a good example, or any open surface). The second limitation is that the physics will only be enabled for the upper part of the mesh. below the results are unexpected. I'm still working on making it as easy as possible for the developer and will then commit the changes.

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Yei! fun with heightmaps!


the latest update allows you to use any flat and square surface as a height map. the ribbon in this PG is a wonderful example. A mouse click will release spheres and boxes for your viewing pleasure.

if you have any questions, please let me know.


As you can see, rotation etc' can be applied on the meshes, and update physics body position works as well.

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