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Point light shadow mapping


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Hey all, I'm glad to announce that Babylon.js v2.3 will introduce support for point light shadow maps!






This is a great feature but beware it implies to render the scene to a cubemap which could be a performance issue sometimes

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Wow, nice scenes, you guys.  #256 in the #LYCSQ series of playgrounds!  256!  Unreal!  And what a great scene with excellent use of torch light and moveWithCollisions!  Nice, BitOfGold!


And DK... wow, that's a pretty "artsy" playground!  Sweet! 


VP... I don't know if I have anything in my bag of tricks that will top these guys, today.  Both of 'em have blown my mind, for the most part.  Phew.  Power artists at large!  Way nice!

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Hey BitOfGold, I just couldn't resist to transform your scene to a maze since that is the subject of this month's Babylon.js Challenge !

That was really fun to tweak your already excellent playground!!




http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#LYCSQ#263 (better perfs)

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