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Phaser vs Construct 2


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Construct 2 if you want to develop a game using an UI.  I'm pretty sure they both can do basically the same thing in regards to functionality though. Also to note, you will need the personal or business license which cost $129, and $429 respectively; if you ever plan to have a game that makes profits.


I personally don't like their slogan 'No Coding Required!, You just need a vision!'.


You cannot have a successful vision without some type of intelligence.

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I would say that C2 and Phaser are so totally different it's not sensible to compare them both. It would make more sense to compare C2 with something like GameMaker. C2 is Editor (not code) based, comes with loads of neat tools and features built into the editor, and compiles natively to different platforms on export. That's why it costs money, because the team at Scirra spend all this time working on those things for you.


If you're the sort of developer who needs to work on a code level, or inspect what is generated at the end, then C2 (or GM) isn't for you as you can't do anything with what is exported at all. If that doesn't bother you and you don't mind paying for it, then give it a go, they've got a free trial version I'm sure.

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For my $.02, Phaser, gives you so much control and freedom.  


If you are new to coding or looking to quickly prototype an idea C2 should work fine. But think of it more like a set of prefabricated blocks you assemble to make things happen. This isn't bad, it just requires you to surrender some control and $$$ to flatten out the learning curve.


Phaser also integrates with the free Intel XDK to help you with mobile test and deployment.  https://software.intel.com/en-us/intel-xdk.  C2 has built-in output tools, but still requires 3rd party tools to push your apps to Google Play, App Store, etc. 


If you are willing to put the time in I think Phaser will be more satisfying. 

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