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November challenge - celebrating materials


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Hi guys,

A new challenge for cold November. better late than never!

This month's challenge is meant to celebrate Babylon's new material library. A wonderful edition to the framework, which you ALL should know by now :-) If you don't - https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/tree/master/materialsLibrary

November's challenge is simple - we create shaders. Better yet, we create new materials. I cannot promise they will be integrated in the library, but if they are good, they probably will!!

For those who are afraid of shaders (AHH!!!!!!!!!!) - fear no more! Or do, but it won't help you...

There are many ways of learning them, I found this one to be wonderful - https://www.npmjs.com/package/shader-school

To see what's possible with shaders, try this website - https://www.shadertoy.com/ . They are truly a wonderful toy.

The challenge's rules:

  • Shader must be original!
  • Shader must be used as a library (thus forcing your poor souls to actually use the material library). If anyone need help with that, write here!
  • Must be more than 2D image manipulation. It must have a 3D effect.
  • (late edition) must be cross platform, including mobile!
That's it.

Party on!

Once again, honor, glory, and beer to the winner !

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For those who are afraid of shaders (AHH!!!!!!!!!!)


And that would be me Raanaw :o . However, that candle flame that Luaacro demoed has me interested. So I look forward to the efforts of the excellent coders on this forum. and the growth of the material library :) 


And if I maybe so bold as to suggest something - an electricity/lightning shader. Think Faraday.


cheers, gryff :)

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Making it compatible with mobile devices is a big plus! :) which also means: don't forget the performance ;) shadertoys got awesome shaders but some of them only works in Chrome and sometime can't almost be displayed even on my desktop machine.

Totally right! Rule was added :-)

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Somebody ppllleeaaasse make something like that: https://www.clicktorelease.com/blog/vertex-displacement-noise-3d-webgl-glsl-three-js


We could make totally awesome explosions with that! I don't think I can pull it off, but I am pretty sure you guys can do it! I trust in you, don't disappoint me! :D;)


Lol  I just noticed that shader above was based on that.

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I'm DEFINITELY supportive of this specific challenge. Please ask questions guys.


Some links to help you:


Good luck guys!! As Raanan mentioned, all great shaders will be integrated officially in the material library and you will become famous for ages (At least!)

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Is it allowed to post our progress? 


Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you the lava ball, and his big bro', the lava ground ! http://gfycat.com/CooperativeUnitedClam

(It's not perfect yet, but the effect is nice :) )


(I'll remove it if it's against the rules ofc)


There are no rules.. Only guidelines :-)

Do whatever you want, but please do send me the final result per PM so I can post them all on december 1st.


Oh, and... LAVA!!!

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@DK, I think so. I started from the simple material, used diffuse sampler and added a noise texture, so i only updated the base color and kept the same workflow as the simple material.


It works on the Rabbit though (so it support bones, right ?), and it creates a sort of Fire elemental... Very fun actually :)



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