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BJB doesn't have Sprite(HUD) like Three.js


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you can use the sprites with a dynamic texture containing a text

or simply a plane mesh set in billboard mode


i am using dynamicTexture with context drawed text. as opacityMaterialTexture. and attach to a plane mesh...

and i should update the mesh's rotation according to camera alpha and beta...

i think it's not a good way.


i'll try 'billboard'. maybe it's the final solution?

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this.nameMesh.billboardMode = BABYLON.AbstractMesh._BILLBOARDMODE_ALL;


it's fine, and i needn't set rotation myself. but it'll be covered by other object.



the sprites: should use spriteManager but


 function SpriteManager(name, imgUrl, capacity, cellSize, scene, epsilon, samplingMode)


it's also not convenient...

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There are probably many ways to do this.  Billboard always faces the camera.  Moving with the Mesh in 3D can be compelling.  Sprites are for pussies.  This is done by adding a registerAfterWorldMatrixUpdate() to the mesh you wish to track.  Every time the tracked mesh moves the label moves.



in <head> add    <script src="dialog.1.1.js"></script>    <script src="Font2D.js"></script>...DIALOG.DialogSys.initialize(scene);// want emissive color, so does not change under lighting, backface culling off for wooshvar alwaysWhite = new BABYLON.StandardMaterial("alwaysWhite", scene);alwaysWhite.checkReadyOnlyOnce = true;alwaysWhite.emissiveColor  = new BABYLON.Color3(1,1,1);alwaysWhite.backFaceCulling = false;var offAway = new DIALOG.Label("Off & Away","Font2D", alwaysWhite);offAway.layout();offAway.unfreezeWorldMatrixTree();offAway.rotation.y = -3.14 / 2;cloth.registerAfterWorldMatrixUpdate(    function(){        offAway.position.x = cloth.position.x;        offAway.position.y = cloth.position.y + 3;        offAway.position.z = cloth.position.z;    });
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