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Developing Phaser Games for Windows Store and Steam Greenlight Tutorials


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I've started a series of tutorials for Phaser developers on how to design and publish a game aimed at Desktop, Console and Mobile and publish it in the Windows 10 Store and on Steam Greenlight.


This is based on my experiences developing and releasing http://www.mekphobia.com


The series will also cover targeting other platforms (such as Android and iOS) with the same code base.


You can find the first of these tutorials at: http://www.mekaphobia.com/developers/introduction.htm

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This sounds like a really good idea for a tutorial series and your post was really easy to follow.


I have to say though, that theme is dreadful, I had to change some of the CSS as I found it near unreadable. If you want an audience for your posts (and the content I thought was good) then it needs to be clear and readable, you're already targeting a currently tiny audience with the Windows Store so you dont want to put people off with the theme of your site.


Good luck with publishing the rest of the series, and good luck with your game! (ps, I couldnt access your url, service was down)

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Oh yeah, perfect, much more readable. I'd suggest a max width for text-heavy pages, and centralised, its to keep the characters-per-line down, your images are at 700px, that should work well enough for 16px text. If you set the column with at 700px then the image can go to 100% width and you'll probably get a decent blog performance on mobiles (currently the image is too large for mobile widths)


Game looks great by the way! I'm a Mac so... but it looks great.

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If you have a design with white font on black background, please consider that there are some people who cant read contrasty things for to long if they are that way. I would be pleased if you could add an option to load another CSS files with brighter background and some darker font. (im sun sensitive so it feels like looking into the sun or a lamp)

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