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How about search playground assisted with visuals (video)?


Playground search results with animated gif of the code in action?  

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  1. 1. Would you like to see animated gif along with playground search results?

    • Yes, very much
    • It would be nice to have
    • No

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There are several strategy to build such GIFs. 

  1. Playground server will run the code in headless mode and record canvas and then convert to small GIF and store on file system.
  2. Whenever any user run any playground, check if the server has GIF, if not, record the canvas (running on client browser) and then send that data to the server. Next time any user need the GIF, server has it!

Basically these GIFs can be the recordings of first 5 seconds and then it gets compressed - so it will not be huge size. 

I do not think it would cost much to develop these feature and run it.

Current implementation of Playground search is not much useful. You get several hash code as a result. Which one you click? All of them, one by one?


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It does search what you ask for. However navigating the results is challenging because you have to click through each link. There are not tagging, titles, etc. to give user clues about which one is the right one. User has to click and open each one by one.


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