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Is there an official Babylon Scene Editor?


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I know this question has probably been posted here, but I was looking for the 'official' Babylon Scene Editor and just cannot find one! I see the official Babylon js github has an 'editor' page, but there is nothing there. The babylon playground is very nice, I just wish it had some type of editor with it. 


I was looking at the Blender to Babylon plugin, and that seems great. I just don't really want to learn blender and do it that way. I personally, just am looking for something much simpler where I can just throw some terrain / water down and click save. I already have my isometric camera projection setup and just need to edit the terrain. I am going to do the rest of the game logic by hand / ui using the DOM, so I don't want need scene editor's for that. Just looking for something to edit the terrain

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Hi guys.  Are editors EVER simple?  I bet users are near-constantly making feature and change requests.  I bet editors are a maintenance monster, too, due to changing specs and evolving tech.  I bet everyone wants their editor... a little different, too. 

Then there is model saving and loading, scene saving and loading, and prefs saving and loading, multiple platforms.  And there is i18n (multi-language)...for docs, prefs dialogs, and gui labels.

I suspect there is a very good reason why the development of editors that WERE around... has lapsed.  I bet their authors... died of exhaustion.  :)

Just my opinion.  You could probably learn more... if you can locate the mental institutions and insane asylums where the authors now reside.  heh.  Blender is overkill, likely because it needs to be that way.  Still, worth learning, I'd say.  Heck, it only has 1887 hotkeys... what's the problem?  :huh:

Zip-up of Wingy's dynamic Blender hotkey sniffer (Python-to-HTML) for v2.75a... here.  (runs in Blender's code editor)  (likely to be outdated and deprecated when the next Blender release happens... in about 22 minutes, and every 22 minutes thereafter.)  hah

I found that learning to drag/adjust Blenders panels, and making your own COMPLETE tooti frooti theme... helps set the mood for a Blender learning attack.  :)  Ya gotta color/adjust ALL the screens in the theme, because that's part of getting to know Blender.  Its all about GRS.

G=position, R=rotate, S=scale.  GX = position on world x axis only, RY = rotate on world y axis only, etc.  2-press hotkeys! 

3-press hotkeys, too.  RZZ - rotate on local z axis only.  (handy for aiming cameras and lights)

Right-click to select, middle roller/button to adjust your view, left click to place a "3D Cursor"... used for something, later, I guess. 

There, we have learned Blender.  Easy.  (But why is my dog still hiding under the bed?)  heh

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