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Transparency Issue


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I created a simple cylinder in Blender, removed the top and bottom, copied the vertices and flipped the normals so that I've got a double sided mesh. 

I've created a PG where I load the mesh, give it a transparent mesh and clone it and position them end to end.


It looks pretty good, but there is a disc drawn where the meshes touch.

I tried merging the two meshes but it only gets rid of the disc when viewing the meshes from below.



If I position the cloned mesh below the original mesh, the disc can be seen from below and not above.



If I change the order of the mesh array I send to merge meshes, it also changes the whether I can see the disc from above or below.


3 meshes merged:



Is there any way to get rid of that annoying disc between the meshes?

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Just wondering, if you gave each of your pieces a separate material with different transparent material, then "merged" it in Blender (join).  The problem would be back, right?

The reason for the join (select then Object->Join menu) in Blender, is all meshes must be same material to merge in BJS right now.

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