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Introducing Project Warp


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So I'm actually new to Phaser and I needed also a way to look at the examples offline on my laptop.

I added Phaser's examples to Warp to be hosted on a different port in order to run both at the same time.

Also I did this more simple thing in order to learn how your framework works, do you have documentation for Modo or only the source code? (because its pretty big).

Let me know if it's something you'd want to pull :)


Also...the Phaser Examples are open source but I'm still not sure if I can distribute it, any thought?




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Won't the examples work if you simply point the browser to a local URL without HTTP? So for example: "file:///whatever/folder/examples.html"? Or do they need AJAX functionality?


There _is_ a documentation for modoJS, but since its not jet officially released (should happen this week), its not available online. I'll get back to you when its there ;)

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