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Found 6 results

  1. Hello Friends, I'd like to introduce you to a new project I started recently. Its called Warp. The idea is to create an app that helps you building HTML5 games by taking away some of the obstacles for beginners - as well as making life easier for the more advanced developers. The Warp app acts most basically as a zero-config static HTTP server. This means you hit a browse button and select a folder on your harddrive that contains a index.html file. After that, you hit the start button. Warp enables its built-in HTTP server and makes that folder accessable within your browser. It even opens your browser for you when you hit start This takes away the task of downloading a [W/L]AMP server package that needs to be configured and secured and forces you to keep all your projects within its htdocs or www folder structure. Warp doesn't give you serverside scripting, but most HTML5 games don't use that stuff anyways. On the other hand its not impossible to integrate something in that direction into Warp in the future. My vision of Warp goes much further than just serving files to the browser via HTTP. I dream of an application that helps you getting started by maintaining project templates and scaffolds new game projects for you. Warp will be able to start new projects for you by creating a basic folder structure and placing the most recent version of Phaser (and maybe other engines) for you. In the final stage, Warp will list all devices that are currently accessing the game, displaying device information, the current game framerate on that device and a global console for logging messages and errors of all devices - your personal developer dashboard. Take a look at the git repo, download the sources and make your custom build of Warp 1 if you can't wait to try it out. And please participate here and tell me what you think about Warp, the direction its going and of course what ideas you have in mind that might be also worth implementing (I can't promise to implement everything, tough). You can download pre-build binaries of Warp for: Windows Mac OS
  2. From today I am getting a Blocked loading mixed active content message whenever the page uses an external url and var s = document.createElement("script"); s.src = url; document.head.appendChild(s); This affects a number of PGs including, among others, Jerome's dynamic terrain PGs. This seems to be because the playground is now delivering all pages using https. Is this a recent change? When this happens the PG can be unblocked using the lock icon next to the PG address. This is annoying. If security demands https then in future all demonstrations of new functions will require the direct placement of the new functions as code within the PG editor, Can this decision to deliver all PG pages by https be reversed or are security concerns such that delivery for all PGs must now use https?
  3. Hi all, my first post so I'm new aorund here I was looking over the internet for any resources about creating a multiplayer game with http protocol and not web sockets (for which is plenty of resources). I'm realizing that game can't be fast paced, but thats not my case, I would really like to see some example of created game with http protocol like blog, tutorial or book. Thanks for help.
  4. Hello, I'm trying to make a game with Cordova. My game works perfectly on my Chrome Browser with a WAMP, but there's no server running in my app cordova. Two solutions : -How can I implement a server in cordova to run my game ? or -How can I run my game without a server ? Any ideas ?
  5. Good evening guys, I am looking for an Expert HTML5 Game Developer to be based in Hamburg. Please get in touch with Will Roeder +44 7809 471749 +44 203 745 7901 Description HTML5, JavaScript, and WebGL are your passion. You like to get started with the latest online developments right away. You believe strongly in open standards. You take pleasure in applying your experience and expertise to ensuring that games made with HTML5 and Javascript stay on the right track. You're not afraid to try out future technologies. As an Expert HTML5 Game Developer - Game Technology (m/f), you will serve as the driving force behind the technical design of our new HTML5 area. Your passion and expertise lie in the development and implementation of new ideas. You give yourself ambitious goals, chase them, and inspire others to do so. As an Expert HTML5 Game Developer - Game Technology (m/f), you will form a part of our game core team. The game core team develops and maintains the libraries for our games and manages their integration into the studios. Place: Hamburg Country: Germany Contract Type: Full time Contract Duration: Open ended Education: Master's Degree Language Englisch (Fluent, Must have) Deutsch (Advanced, Nice to have) Candidates must have: – Experience with WebGL – Practical experience with Git – Experience with network communication / HTTP / Websockets / – Experience developing games with JavaScript and HTML5 – Passionate about gaming Candidates nice to have: – Experience with Unity3D is advantageous – Experience with ES6 and Typescript Career Level: – Senior Professional / Project Manager Sectors: Gaming Industry Functional Specialization: Software / System Architecture Software / Web Development Required Skills: Your job: Act as a catalyst in HTML5 for all issues related to technical optimization and development Assess the technical feasibility of a suitable framework and its expansion based on the specific adjustments required Select and evaluate tools that can perform WebGL exports Serve as the first point of contact for all questions regarding our HTML5 architecture Develop game prototypes in HTML5/JS/WebGL Develop HTML5 software libraries Develop HTML5 game development workflows and best practices Scrutinize and improve existing workflows Your profile: Several years of experience developing games with JavaScript and HTML5 Experience with WebGL Experience with one or several frameworks, such as Construct 2, Cocos2d-js, three.js, CreateJS, Phaser, etc. Practical experience with Git Experience with network communication / HTTP / Websockets / You are curious about new technologies Experience with other programming languages is advantageous Experience with Unity3D is advantageous Passionate about gaming Optional: experience with ES6 and Typescript Excellent written and spoken English We offer: Your professional growth is important to us. We provide agile structures, flat hierarchies, and ongoing training opportunities Results-oriented teamwork that values employee contribution A positive work-life balance with sports, catering, counseling, and active feedback Leading technology and analysis opportunities that give you the freedom to innovate Sustainable and profit-oriented growth, untouched by external investors
  6. Hi guys, have you seen anywhere some service that allows to fill and get a leaderboard by GET requests? I need a service like Apple GameCenter leaderboard (or Swarm or something else), but available from every platform through ajax