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decreasing fps in Corner of meshed plane / free camera


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I have a strange problem. Please take a look at the following scene.

If you turn around 180° from where you start in the scene, the frame rate will decrease drastically if you look to the nearest corner.

Please do not ask why I did some of this thinks like in the source. I stripped my whole code to make the problem more clearly.

Can anyone explain why the fps is decreasing and what line of code is responsible for this?

Thanks in advance.

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I can't seem to notice any degrade in FPS.

But I will ask questions :) 

You enabled physics. You have a single physics object (the plane), but no other objects are there to collide against it. are you trying to get the camera collision system to work?

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Raanan... you need to turn the cam backwards... to aim at the nearest ground-corner.  Then cursor toward it a bit.  That's when I see a FPS-flop... a big one. 

BUT... this "ground" is made up of many cubes, merged together.  I think there's physics trouble when doing that.  Or, some other bog.  Just possibly, our camera is plowing into a big pile of physics impostors that are stacked-up in that corner.  The impostors begin colliding, but they are invisible, so we can't see them.  But many impostors colliding = decreased frame rate.  *shrug*

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Wow, that's really weird. The slowness is coming from collision testing but it goes away if you disable emissive textures (or just all textures). Gotta be some kind of subtle engine bug?

The slowness comes from: camera > _checkInputs > _processCollisionsForSubmeshes > _collideForSubmesh > _collide > _testTriangle

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It is not related to textures (based on my testing) but to collisions

The camera is INSIDE the ground which means that the engine struggles to solve the collision equation on every frame (which is impossible as two objects cannot be at the same place).

Just try to move your camera higher or reduce camera.ellipsoid

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1 hour ago, Deltakosh said:

You cannot merge instances. You have to clone instead. Else cache is completely broken and we have these subtle bugs all over the place

The merge method could detect that and throw an error, right?

(sorry, no PR from me ;) I don't have typescript set up.)

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Thanks to all for dealing with this problem.

14 hours ago, fenomas said:

Do you have any idea why the problem doesn't happen if you switch the scene to wireframe mode?

It tested this and the problem appear even if you switch to wireframe mode.

18 hours ago, adam said:

I changed the instances to clones and use BABYLON.Mesh.MergeMeshes:


I'm no longer seeing the fps drop.

You are right. This eleminates the fps drop. BABYLON.Mesh.MergeMeshes only works with clones not with instances.

As far as I remember, Deltakosh wrote in another post, that merging instances is now possible. I will search for this post and read it again.

Thanks so far.

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