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Os version and audio test on iOS, Android, other devices


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Hi all! Need to test audio playability on different devices, and if it's not good, I will use Web Audio - as it's supported only by ios 6.0 and later, I need to check OS version first. Here is the link:




or shorten one: http://bit.ly/1dfeIfW


For that I use:


The most important is platform. Plz, write what your browser on iOS/Android and other mobile devices has for this values and your iOS/Android version


Second test is audio - it's 99% not loaded, so press on 'Try to load sounds'  button and then on 'sound1', 'sound2', 'sound3'.   

Do the sounds can be played?

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Thanks for tip, Rich! I wanted to make drawback from Web Audio Api to AudioSprites, if iOS version is lower than 6.0. But after testing I see that one audio channel sounds very bad - it's better to have no sound.

I found a way to check OS, think it will be helpful for somebody (tested by me only on windows) :

        var playerOS = 'dont know';        if(navigator.userAgent.match(/iPhone|iPad/gi))	{		  playerOS = 'iOS';	}	else	if(navigator.userAgent.match(/Android/gi))	{		playerOS = 'Android';	}	else	if(navigator.userAgent.match(/Windows/gi))	{		playerOS = 'Windows';	}	else	if(navigator.userAgent.match(/Linux/gi))	{		playerOS = 'Linux';	}	if(navigator.userAgent.match(/OSX/gi))	{		playerOS = 'Mac OS';	}                alert('Your OS is: ');	alert(playerOS);
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