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My new blog with a cool animated WebGL banner using babylon.js


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              During my vacation, between 2 games playing Ori and the Blind Forest, I’ve been enjoying to setup my new blog: https://www.davrous.com

              Based on WordPress, hosted on Siteground, I’ve customized the Oblique theme to use Flexbox rather the strange dynamic layout computation and fix a lot of layout issues to support all browsers. The worst browser to support was definitely Chrome. MS Edge and Firefox was very cool. It was because of the complex oblique layout using SVG elements. I had a couple of issues with srcset on Firefox but seems to be fixed now.


              Last but not least, I hope you’ll enjoy the cool animated WebGL banner (using our lovely Babylon.js of course! J). This one was fun to build also. Getting the resource from the HoloLens Galaxy Explorer open source project, converting them to Babylon.js using our Unity exporter, placing the WebGL planets on top of the background image using a transparent canvas and simulating a background-size: cover behavior by code. You can check my code via this sample: http://david.blob.core.windows.net/babylonjs/banner/coversim.html


              The interesting part is there:


              function resizeToCover() {

            var currentWidth = myHeader.offsetWidth;

            var currentHeight = myHeader.offsetHeight;


            var scale_h = currentWidth / canvas_w_orig;

            var scale_v = currentHeight / canvas_h_orig;


            var scale = scale_h > scale_v ? scale_h : scale_v;


            canvas.style.width = scale * canvas_w_orig + "px";

            canvas.style.height = scale * canvas_h_orig + "px";


            canvas.style.transform = "translateX(-" + (scale * canvas_w_orig - currentWidth) / 2 + "px)";





              Could be useful if you’d like to do something similar.




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Nice work, Dav... you're just ridiculously talented... artist, musician, coder, creativity, innovation... superhero!

But, now, the more important thing...  resizeToCover() hmm.  Maybe Mister Davrous is showing us some code that could be used in our "adjust the vjcanvas" issue for virtual joysticks.  hmm.  Interesting!  Very very interesting.  :) 

Ozrocker?  Dbawel?  Meteoritool?  See that func?  Things that make ya go "hmm", huh?  *nod*  Thanks for sharing that, Admiral Davrous!

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