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200$-250$ for an HTML5 license?


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Hello guys,

While surfing twitter I suddenly found a new follower ... TacTile games..

When you get a new follower you usually get happy.. But I didn't...

I found that he's licensing HTML5 games for 200$-250$

Here's the site: http://tactilegames.co.uk/licensing/pricing/

The market's going to lose quality... Something should be done for this.. Any thoughts?

Also there was an earlier topic started about this ( 5$ )


Hady Hayman ( IamHadzy )

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Hello @Hady!


Man I'm not sure if that's what you are talking about, but if is about publishing your html5 game in a great portal of games.

I work on www.clickjogos.com.br and you can publish your game totally free, and there are some different business models where you can get more traffic by promoting your game, in exchange for sharing percentages, something like this.


if u are interested i can help you on it :)

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People who accept low prices usually make low quality games, I second 99golems, If you have good games you will maintain your prices , big companies aren't worried about he extra 1 or 2 hundred dollars they will put in a game as long as they are pretty sure they will earn more money from better games.

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Apologies for this, I'm the creator of Tactile Games and the website isn't ready for public viewing just yet as its still under heavy development. The URL being added to the Twitter page was an error and has since been removed.


The $200-$250 prices you saw on the Pricing page were just placeholders while we determine our final fixed costs and add more games into the site. Since Tactile Games has become public I have changed the prices to a figure which is closer to what the end price is likely to be, although it will probably change over the next month.



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