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Fade in / out complete scene


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I love the pixel shader @Deltakosh shows in the playground. However, if you don't want to use a post process, then of course changing the light intensity will do the job - providing you aren't using any self illuminating properties such as an emmisive texture.

Also @davrous - love the music, and was hoping it was all MIDI. But even as an MP3, it's preety cool.B)

If you gentlemen have time, do you mind adding a VR camera to the scene in the Oculus format? I know this would be helpful to allot of users such as me who are developing for an array of devices including the Gear VR. I'm always interested in looking at how you two would personally impliment this into your scene - especially if you identify the user's OS as Anroid and a resolution of 2550 in the horizontal X - which is how I identify the Gear VR since both the S6 and S7 are uniquely Android with a 2550X res.


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