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Where to find unpaid artist collaborators?


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The topic said it all. There must be a less specific website out there to gather with graphics and sound/music artists, where perhaps they try to collaborate in all sorts of things from books, to movies and games. I doubt many artists will browse game making forums.

It'd be nice to know where paid ones gather too.

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Depends on what exactly you want them to do, and what's in it for them. Generally speaking, I've found it quite difficult to get people to join, just like that, because they have no security that you'll actually finish the project you start, and they will have something to show for their hard work.

But I found some pretty good guys on OpenGameArt.

These days though, I prefer to build something first, then get people in to help improve. At the start of the project, the artist can't really do much to help :huh:

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Thanks for the link. That makes sense. Of course I would share profits, although I think some people will be happy enough to be credited, but yes I would. But I hadn't thought of presenting some working game with sketchy graphics to capture their interest in the first place and provide some reassurance. Good idea. Thank you

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You'll probably spend more time on(looking/talking/keeping) unpaid artists, than they're worth in time.

I've been approached by an artist once by just posting on DeviantArt's website some silly programmer art, and a link to a test game.   Though it wasn't anything I was planning to take further and told them such.  That was when I still thought JAVA Applets where going somewhere, and I was in college.  

Reddit game dev has I need a team(INAT), and gameDevClassifieds.


You should also try reversing the role as well.  

Look for an artist that is looking for a programmer to bring their art to life.   You'll either find someone you want to work with, or you'll learn what someone who is willing to collaborate is actually looking for.   Lets be honest there are A LOT of programmers that are just going out and making something, you'll probably have a more unique game from something that an Artist/Musician/SFX guy had that hand in first(IE: something like Dust on steam).  Also by grabbing someone else as being the team lead they're less likely to be the point of failure(since you know you won't be the point of failure, that means the project will be more likely to be successful:P).

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