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Miam Boom! is now available on iOS and Android. Find them here:

You can also play online in your browser:
Game Objective
Slide your monster left and right to catch falling fruit but avoid the bombs and energy drinks. Try to get the highest score.
Miam Boom was developed with my own framework Backbone Game Engine. It is my second game to be released to iOS and Android using (cordova). The game was designed with my 10-year old daughter. I learned a few things building this game. Notably supporting any device size. I wrote a post about it here. Other things I learned:
- Sound does not work well in WebView+. Delays and some don't play. This is because the device requires a user action before playing the sound. This causes some sounds not to play and others to be delayed. Use Canvas+ instead.
- Cordova provides tons of great plugins to gain access to the native device features. Notably native share and language detect. Really easy to use and powerful.
Thanks to the community for providing feedback, especially @b10b (see previous post).


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On 10/06/2016 at 0:02 PM, martindrapeau said:

Above 200 is pretty good. I manage to get 600 once but never above 300 again.


Ha, ok. Well 179 is pretty close to 200 so I think I'm average haha

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