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Real 3D Mask


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Is there a way to mask a certain part of a box in a 3d environment? (not masking 2d sprites with a 2d mask)

For instance, I create a box, I mask its lower part, in runtime the upper part is not rendered - only the lower part, and the upper face of the box is not cut - in other words, only the height of the box is cut, keeping the upper face, unlike 2d masking a 3d shape which would look very bad.

I attached a sketch to help you picture what I mean.

Does something like that exist? If not, do you perhaps have an idea how to approach that problem?

Playing with the box's height won't do the trick for me, because I need the texture diffused in its material to not be resized - just cut.




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JohnK - Using CSG, will the material be cut at the area of the substraction? Will it be able to produce a result like in NasimiAsl's example?

NasimiAsl - Hi, yeah looks good. My final goal would be to support masking a parent mesh (invisible - for the sole purpose of containing other meshes) that contains multiple boxes, I should've probably said that from the start I didn't think you'd go through the trouble of creating an example so soon. Would your solution be able to handle that?



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46 minutes ago, royibernthal said:

@NasimiAsl Thank you :) There is a little lag / jump between each box whenever a box becomes visible, is there a way to avoid that?

yes i see that it is because i use Math.Sin so you need define your function

and when you do that use this range  [0..2] + [2.2 .. 4.2] + [4.4 .. 6.4] + ...

try to fix it and let us know about your result thats good task i wait you try yourself  thanks


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@NasimiAsl No problem, I'll try to learn more about shaders in BabylonJS before experimenting with this specific example.


One question though - do you have to keep creating new instances with this call or is there a way to re-use one instance (taken from scene.registerBeforeRender)?

Is it negligible to do that? Won't it have a negative effect on performance / garbage collection rate?

new BABYLONX.ShaderMaterialHelper().SetUniforms(
                 { x: 0, y: 0 },
                 { x: 100, y: 100 },
			time);  });


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@NasimiAsl : I think I have told you before - fascinating stuff, though I don't pretend to understand the coding. Understanding shaders is pretty close to trying to understand the math of Einstein's Relativity :lol:


On 2016-06-22 at 8:40 PM, NasimiAsl said:

cheers, gryff :)

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