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Looking for PHASER / HTML5 Game developers


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We are a mobile editor in the creation of automotive tools, as part of our expansion  we are looking for Phaser developers, to help with brand new casuals game and to build projects as a full time job and to boost our team. 

For this specifical role we need someone who is used to keeping a clean code-base.

You'll understand the need to maintain tidy commented code, exposing and designing a sensible API, and use GIT methodology

Availability and communication is key, this sort of work doesn't lend itself well to part-time freelancers I'm afraid (i.e. those just working evenings), or those looking to multi-task themselves with other clients at the same time, as our projects are too demanding for that.

What you will do with us:                                                                          

- We propose two idea for a (very simple arcade) casual game each month.

- The developer creates a prototype than we validate ( the canvas and HTML is all standard in our git everything is already standard)

- Then we provide with graphics and art elements
-Developer are integrating the elements the skins for  the same prototype that has been created. 

If your interested and suit our requirements please send us:

-Your resume at our service [email protected]


-Contact references with name/company

-Game developped


We want to build personal relationships with professional developers, therefore absolutely NO AGENCIES.

Agency emails will be flagged as spam in Gmail.

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Hi guys, first of all we had a misunderstanding between Genieee and us.

We asked to test him for the development of a game with our technology (no art work)

He wanted money before the work was done 

We've also proposed solutions to mitigate, he has proposed nothing.

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