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Tranparency bug, or what?


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I have a problem, (or babylon have a problem) with multiply transparency.

Look at this example scene in attachment

Just look around in this scene. Do you see how behave colored objects at different angles? They suddenly go out or become brighter.
Same problem in Unity discussed here: http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/609021/how-to-fix-transparent-rendering-problem.html
Waiting for Your solution...
Thank you!

p.s. exported from 3dsMax



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Hey guys, I'm sure it's bug!

And don't send me to the materiel!!!

See yourself. Example scene, that I attach in past post is very simple.
And there are many! Just try to create glass of water with tea spoon inside.

Babylon have a render problem with multiply transparency objects.

Good Luck!

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