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Problems with "unlocking pointer"


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if I add the following code to my scene, pressing "q" locks the pointer as wanted.

If I press "q" again, the pointer will unlock only after I click the left mouse button.

How can I prevent this behavior?

		window.addEventListener("keydown", checkKeyPressed, false);
	// If key "Q" is pressed 
	// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------		
		function checkKeyPressed(e) {
			switch(e.keyCode) {
				case 81: // key q pressed
					if (!engine.isPointerLock){
						engine.isPointerLock = true;
					} else {
						engine.isPointerLock = false;


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Hi @Myjestic

   Generally speaking, any .isSomethingSomething property... is a check of a "state", and is not used as a setter.  (At least I think that is truth.)

It would be nice to find engine.setPointerLock(true/false)... but I have not found that.

So, I tried some things.  First, I looked at engine source code... https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/blob/master/src/babylon.engine.js#L309

Then, I tried some experiments...  put some of the source code in a playground, goofed around...


Complete failure on my part.  heh.  But perhaps you, or others... can repair my mess.  I'll keep testing, too... but I am not doing so well, so far.  :)  Sorry. Calling all forum... HELP.  :D

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Hey Wingnut,

thanks so far.

To clarify what I want to do:

Babylon.js gives the user (player) the possibility to move the freecamera with the keys and look around with mouse, if left mouse button is pressed.

If you "walk" through a large world, the player will suffer finger pain after a while :).

So I want to give the player the possibility to switch the "look around" mode between locked cursor and unlocked cursor (left mouse button pressed).

I played a bit with the Pointer Lock API but get no good results.

I did not know that this small task is so complicated -_-

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