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We just released our latest game: Number Tumbler! (We're really betting on people liking to tumble things, I guess)
It's a mathematical game about adding numbers! A number crunch in a time crunch is what we're calling it. Our unnofficial slogan for the game is "It's more fun than it sounds! Really, we swear!"
... at least one of us on the team really needs to get better at copy writing.
If you're interested in trying it out, you can play it on our website (on your computer, phone, or smart refrigerator)
Or download it in app form on your favorite mobile device (provided that your favorite mobile device isn't a Windows Phone)
On a side note, I was just reading the Phaser newsletter yesterday and saw that Emanuele Feronato is releasing their DrawSum game on the app store. Man, we hadn't seen DrawSum before yesterday, but I guess it's just poor timing on our part we happened to just finish such a similar game at the same time.

If you take the time to play it, we'd love to get your feedback! Any comments, criticisms, and (most importantly!) praise will be graciously received. Thanks!




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Thanks for taking a look!

When you first launched the game, did you see the hand guiding you? We have a short, wordless tutorial, but perhaps it either didn't appear for you or it wasn't easy to understand. If you could let me know which, I'd greatly appreciate it!

Our goal for the tutorial in this game was
1. Use little/no text so that it would be simple for us to localize or for players to play without having English as their primary language.
2. Keep it short, so players get into the game quickly.

If we missed the mark though, and the instructions are unclear, that's important to know too.

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I'm happy to see it's not only me who enjoy this kind of game.

A heads up: many times when I tried to select a number (in a diagonal path) it selects a number that I didn't intend to.

For instance, suppose the matrix below is your game.

a b c d
e f g h
i j k l

If I select element b and then I try to select element g, element f is selected as well.



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@plicatibu  Glad you enjoyed it, and we're grateful you took the time to try it! It definitely turned out to be a lot more fun than we originally thought it would.

Our actual design for the game only allowed the player to select numbers directly touching each other. Due to some lazy coding, it was possible to select numbers diagonally. Instead of fixing it, we left it in as a hidden, difficult to perform trick that can be used in a pinch. We actually both play (and are hopelessly addicted to) a mobile game called Puzzle and Dragons that has a similar "trick" to it, so we felt it was sort of a tribute. =D

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