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Add html5 games to your site


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How can I find html5 games that I can add to my site to make a mobile friendly html5 gaming site?


Thanks for letting me know the methods.


Also, Im looking for any html5 tower defence games as well so if anyone has any of them or know of any let me know if possible. :)


Thanks! And have yourself a merry little christmas.



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Hi there , If you own a portal or portals and want to sponsor and host games then it just goes like flash , where you pay the developer a license fee for the non exclusive right to host their games at your servers. 


If you don't have a budget for licensing , And want games for your portal , you can contact a big publishing company such as Spil or BoosterMedia , These guys buy content from us and will provide content for your website (under limitation , of course).


If you just want a game or two to put on your website and you aren't ready for sponsorships , you can kindly ask some of the developers for permission to iframe (link to) their games at your website, Some of them will be fine , but some won't and you will have to accept that. The only thing you have to worry about is Never host a game without permission of it's owner!


Good luck :)

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SoftGames and Booster are good for the easy-portal approach.


If you're looking to find individual games to add, have a look at http://clay.io/publisher-tools. Some are licensed (you pay the developer upfront to be able to add the game, use your advertisements, and in some cases have them brand the game or add in your API if you have one), the rest are revenue share based where you don't pay anything up front, but ad revenue is shared with the developer.

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