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Knightmare: A very simple DOOM-like game built in BabylonJS

Hello guys! I've been working on this little project for around 2 weeks now,
And I'm excited to release a VERY alpha build! It features 3 types of enemies, and only 1 level.
I plan on adding FAR more complex maps (currently it's built with a tilemap editor), as well as more monsters,
And a backstory. Try it out, give me your thoughts. Hope you enjoy the VERY basic level!
(Note: currently there is no way to end a level, so just kill everything and you won!)

Play: Knightmare v0.1


You play as a great Knight of Vasteran - protector of the realm. After a great journey, you return to your village, to find your wife in great peril.
She has been cursed by dark magic, which has made her fall into a deep sleep.
All is not lost, however - the courtmage has declared that you, if you dare, may enter her dreams and destroy her demons.
Fearing nothing, and willing to sacrifice your life for your woman, you plunge straight into death itself, into your wife's darkest nightmares.

Future Plans

   I do not plan on adding too many weapons in the game... in fact, I may end up having only 2 weapons, or possibly 3. I'm going to focus on having each weapon be very different from the next, and important in strategy.
Strategy is very important in this game - not because the game ever blatantly tells you it's important, but because to survive those Goblin attacks, you need to dodge the
blows - or have a skeleton or mage shoot a projectile at them, or set a trap, etc etc. It's an automatic process for us humans to be strategic, and most likely half of what players figure out was never designed in the first place.

Storyline will not be major in the least. It will only be referenced in the beginning, and the end most likely.

Although not originally in the design, I'm thinking I may have to add 3D models instead of sprites - this is due to my inability to draw, and my ability to model.

Here are a couple models I threw together:



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On 11/15/2016 at 9:33 PM, joshcamas said:

Although not originally in the design, I'm thinking I may have to add 3D models instead of sprites - this is due to my inability to draw, and my ability to model.


Here are a couple models I threw together:



render your 3d models out with this method https://greyscalegorilla.com/tutorials/how-to-create-pixel-art-renders-in-cinema-4d/

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On 11/19/2016 at 9:59 AM, Pryme8 said:

I wanna see your tool for the 2d

Sadly I never got far AT ALL. 

(click load basic scene, fiddle with the controls on the right, and press generate)

I never implemented animations or anything so it's currently worthless. But if I ever work on it again (For this project I'm trying out real 3D models), I'll be sure to update it there :)

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I think a really cool set up for you to investigate would be to set up a 3d scene in your editor with 8 cameras around your model so basically front back left right and the middle steps.  then render out your animations for each camera set up your sprite sheets and make a 2.5 D setup.

Ive been mulling around this idea but a little more extended where I do a 21 camera rig and have the standard 8 then ones for above views and stuff.  I wanted to make it so things were 2d in a 3d environment and just have the sprite billboard to the camera and change which sheet its displaying depending on the view angle.  Its a lot of work but the effect is really cool... I dont have any running examples (id have to go dig for my old unity files).  But I could supply my camera rig and render stack for you if you have an ability to open a c4d file.

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Well what's awesome is you don't need a million cameras!

What you can do is get 1 camera, make it in position, take a screenshot. Rotate the camera again, take another screenshot. Do this as many times as you want. (In my program it's 4, but it could be 8, 100, 1000, whatever!) 
And then you change the animation frame and repeat!

And for what your saying about a sprite, yup that's the idea! Calculate the angle from the game camera and the sprite and figure out what slide to play! :D Like DOOM! 

I have 3 days off for Thanksgiving, maybe I'll pick up SpriteGen and play with it more :3

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No trust me you want a camera rig, that way you just render out once and automatically have all the angles you will need and your not sitting there telling it to render a bunch. So you can effectively just do one render and have the output from like 32 angles.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Anyways, guys I have a delima. I'm not sure what to do about the whole 3D character thing.
I have several options:

1) Keep 2D sprites

pros: No extra coding, no fancy animation/bone blending/rotation systems

cons: can't draw so idk where I would get sprites

2) Sprites generated from 3D Render

pros: Not much extra coding, except the program built to generate these. Same pros as above mostly

cons: No fancy lighting, low quality would be required otherwise characters would look real bad.

3) 3D Characters

pros: Sexy af, with lighting and fluid animation.

cons: The modern age of animation forces this to have to look good - blending, rotation, ik rigs. Otherwise it would look cheap and disgusting instead of artistic.


Anyone have an opinion on what to do? I want to use 3D models and maybe #2 is the best option... but idk.

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  • 1 month later...

Hey guys.

I haven't touched this project much. Mainly due to being so busy.

I was working on implementing 3D models, but I'm thinking it'll kill the beauty of the game, turn it into a clunky mess.


Is there anyone here willing to contribute their 2D pixel art skills to this project? I personally can't draw, sadly. 


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2 hours ago, kpgbrink said:

I can go 2 times faster when I hold WASD and the arrow keys at the same time. Also the camera rotation doesn't work for me. I am supposed to use my mouse right? I am using chrome.

I'm not sure why the mouse isn't working, that's crazy cause I didn't change anything, it worked a month ago...

thanks for finding the movement bug as well!

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