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Piradice - Turn-based strategy

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It's still work in progress but now its fully playable. Its classic turn-based strategy game. There's no AI at the moment so You'll need another real player.




  • Pirate - normal unit
  • Pirate with gun - shoot on range, reload every shoot by 1 turn
  • Pirate with axe aka Lumberjack - can cut tress and destroy cementary
  • Ship - here you buy new units; gives +10 gold/tur


  • Skeleton - normal unit
  • Dust - larger movement, when attack both units die
  • Octopus - kills pirates ships
  • Cementary - here you buy new units; gives +10 gold/turn



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The game design is very nice :)
But after a first game, I have the feeling that the skeletons are slightly stronger than the pirates.


Its also not logical to me that you can spawn graveyards at random positions on the island for no reason.


If you put a few clearer rules in place and add a few more units and buildings, this can turn into a veeeery cool game. :)


Well, I really like turnbased games and used to play the game Advance Wars for ages. :D

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Balancing game is hard. I change something daily. I on the other hand think that pirates are overpowered by ability to buy as many ships as they can. But skeletons can build very cheap octopuses and deal with it. It often turns in to large sea battles. 


The cementary is placed near chest. So it's not so randomly. Once you ocupied every chest you can't build more. But they are harder to destroy (only lumberjack that is slow and high-priced) and they are close to the main action spots: chests!



I tried to have counter units for both sites - it still needs tweaking (or adding new units).


I'll definetly add more content. But for now I will add AI and saving game progress (to continue after closing site). And I need to write some instruction/tutorial for new players describing all the strategies in game.


Nice that You like the game so far :)

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Small update:



  • bug fixes
  • pirates lose when lost all ships
  • skeletons lose when lost all cemeteries
  • units prices modified for better gameplay
  • simplified (and nicer) ready screen



Multiplayer is a must :D But first I must get rid of bugs and finalize the gameplay. When hot-seat mode will be perfect I'll start to code the multiplayer version.

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Game has potential as all turn based games has, since they are still a niche. But in my opinion it will be very difficult for you to convert hot seat into online multiplayer. Multiplayes games has entirely different design.

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Im thiking all the time about this. You're right but I will crack it :D

One way is to make it like OGame: every x min players get new movement points and some gold. If they move as fast as the new turn begins (for them) they get advantage. Unit that awaits orders dont get new movements points.

For now I'm balancing the gameplay and fixing last bugs. It's close to stable version (hot seat).

Next step will be packing the game as App for iPad and putting it to AppStore. Then AI or some sort of multiplayer. Eventualy both.

If I were live in US I defenetly woud start a small Kickstarter campain for this.


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OGames approach is fine for a MMOG, where every player acts on the same big playground.


When you do multiplayer, you have to implement your hot-seat session on your server and let the game be accessed from two separate browsers. Its important to let the actual game be running on your server to prevent cheating.


If this is done, you "only" have to notify the players that its their turn. You can do this instantly with a service like or - when you notice the other player closed his browser - either with a private twitter message, or by mail.


If you need more information, or some help with implementing anything then you can always shoot me a message here or in Skype.

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Thank You Chris for your support. I will definitly contact You in the future.

Its my first game that I'm really proud of :) I have two games in AppStore (CoronaSDK) and few prototypes in ImpactJS but none of them seems to have that replayability. The hardest thing in Piradice is to keep it stupid simple and yet strategy complex.

Balancing units seems to be going ok and playing skirmishes with my girlfriend on iPad gives us a lot of fun :)

Thanks all of You for the good words and motivating me!

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Version 4

• Lots, lots of balancing units and prices

• Lumberjack becomes normal pirate after attacking the cementary

• Octopus moves on ship position after attack

• Reloading unit can not shoot (when attacked)

• Units can not move on the cementary

First update fully coded and tested on iPad only :) Yes. I use iPad for real life programming.

If someone is interested I'm using Textastick on iPad mini. It's very good app, worth any money. So the IDE is easy and pleasant to use. The biggest problem with developing on iOS is the fact that it DON'T HAVE javascipt debugging nor js console.

On the other hand I was programming slower, wizer and each time I was checking 3 times if its good before upload. So less bugs and smarter code. But it is hardcore programming :D for changing prices in game it was good but for writing new procedures it would be imposible.


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Small update to Piradice

  • map scrolling
  • indicators for off-screen units
  • mini map!
  • new hud elements
  • rewritten rendering method (pre-render whole map for smooth scrolling)
  • bug fixes


Play new version at :





Roadmap for future updates:

  • save/load games
  • minor changes in units and gameplay ( see tree hierarchy )
  • new structures (house, dead tree)
  • new units (cannon)
  • multiplayer
  • sounds


Concept of a units tree hierarchy:


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I just want to say that big update was uploaded to server!


Change log:

  • much faster map size changing
  • map scrolling
  • Pirate with gun renamed Gunner
  • updates GUI system (code and graphics)
  • proper game menu
  • ability to restart game
  • fight system rewritten
  • moving system rewritten
  • new war report after fight
  • new units:
  • cannon
  • can destroy structures
  • slow but long shoot distance
  • daemon
  • can cut trees (palms)
  • attack on range (like gunner)
  • loading game indicator
  • center map on start
  • center map on the new unit
  • game over screen

Changes to the gameplay:

  • lumberjack can no longer destroy structures
  • some changes in units prices and movement
  • units blocks other units in they way
  • units movement enlarged
  • units can merge (squad) with units only 2 blocks away



Play as usually at:



Also big thanks to Rezoner, he will be responsible for music/audio effects!

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I'm sorry for Your eyes but I like the font. And it's the same font I use in game so it'll be hard to chose another one that fits in style.

About the multiplayer. First we must finish the main part of the game - gameplay mechanics. Then I will develop multiplayer. I have teoretical drawings of the implementation drown in my notes. And it looks that it be tone of fun :D it will be multiplatform.

In a meantime I'm tweaking the sprites and polish every little detail in game.

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