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Spawn meshes


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6 minutes ago, Pryme8 said:

The more draw calls the less performance. Use instances in a situation like this, you can make thousands of spheres if you do it right.

Thousands is a bit of a stretch.  Yes, draw call overhead is minimized, but some gpu is required for each (and possible texture look up).  Still this is minor compared to the tracking / determining if each sphere is to be drawn each frame in single threaded Javascript.  That is why merging of identical material meshes which only move as a unit is even faster due to single draw and low javascript overhead.  Does take more gpu memory, and primarily for background stuff due to the move as a unit requirement, though.

I concede a requirement to generate incrementally over time also rules out merging.  Actually, an SPS might really be what the op is trying to do.

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You can either store them in an array, and find & dispose the mesh you're looking for

var clones = [];

// ...

//cloning code..

var clone = ...



You could also just find it in scene.meshes,

or if using picking, pickedMesh.dispose();

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@Adem you should read some e-books & guides on javascript :) 

This example will create 100 invisible clones at start,
put them into an array while still invisible,

the while loop then makes one clone visible and place it at a random position every 200ms.

If you click on a sphere, it is set back to mesh.isVisible = false; making it re-use-able by the while loop again.


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The array is the basis of Javascript. You should learn the basics of Javascript before you start with a 3D engine. Learn what is "simple" before you learn the "complicate" it. Array is very simple, if you still learning this, you are going to have a lot of trouble with babylon things, but really a lot of trouble...


var myNameArray = [];

Set => myNameArray.push(myElementAddToArray);

get => var myElement0 = myNameArray[0];



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should answer a few questions I hope...  its dropping some weird error for some reason but its still working so what ever...  Umm I bet if I implemented octree it would hold 60 fps solid for a really really long time, I was able to hold 60 for at least a few thousand instances on a intel hd 3000 crap laptop (it got up 12k instances before it started ticking on the fps counter, and I think that was because of the console logs and the error, if those were removed it would go a lot longer with no issues) so yeah take a look at this but follow up on what the other guys were saying about javascript and learning some basics.

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It might take a really long time to get the scene to build but I get I could do an experiment here to display like huge numbers of instances (like a stupidly large number) and have the scene run with no lag. Just saying it might take some interesting script but I bet a lot more is possible then what people thing.

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