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Yeah but speed has nothing to do with calling update function. My question was about performance issue. I dont need check interaction 60 times per minute as well as I dont need update animations so often. So value of delta constant does not solve anything for me :/

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5 hours ago, QuinTRON said:

Is there a way to always persist the app.ticker.speed = 1;

I worry people will alter this during an online multiplayer game and they will reap some benefits from it


IF the player can change their client to affect the outcome of your multiplayer game you may want to rearchitect. Not only do you have to assume all clients are malicious, but its JS and even easier to modify; and there is nothing you can do to stop people.

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With JavaScript in the browser, you have to take the attitude that every line of code delivered to a user can be changed by them. So, taking away the tickets speed existence wouldn't solve anything, as they could manipulate the time deltas coming in from requestAnimationFrame manually (which is all the speed variable does in a ticker.

You need the server to authenticate everything that the client is sending to the server. Validation on when the client is sending data to the server; ranges for how many times a second for example....and validation on every bit of data send to the server. If the client code is set so that it takes a player 1 second to run 100 pixels to the right, the server needs to validate this; if a client was x pos -500 one moment then x pos 500 the next, you know something fishy is up!

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