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[SOLVED] - New Debug Layer Auto External Window


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@Temechon Is there a way (or can we adda way) to show the new Debug Layer in an external window from the debugLayer.show command (and NOT have it first displayed on the side and have to hit the 'external window' button). I would to initially show the debug layer in an external window using some kind of option switch of course :)

What do you all think about that one :)


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It has already been implemented.



I'm getting an error on first run, though.  

Here I wait a half second (have to allow popups):




The first PG is no longer giving me an error.  Maybe because I allowed popups.

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Damn, you guys are fast.  A post sits for 10 hours, and then a bunch of us attack.  hehe

Too fun!

Best I could do was...

    var inspector = scene.debugLayer._inspector;

:D  Darn you guys!  Cool feature add, though... well done!  Love it.

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This is working great:

        public toggleDebug(popups:boolean = false): void {
            if (this._scene.debugLayer.isVisible()) {
            } else {

Was Implemented in 2.6 Alpha (maybe even before that) :)

I luv it... especially for small screen canvas sizes :)

BTW @Temechon or @Deltakosh ... Is there a way to run the new DebugLayer from local resources... can i download and serve my own inperctor.bundle.js...

I am in Hawaii... And it takes quite awhile for the inspector to some up because is has make that server trip over the 3000 miles of ocean ... The old debug layer did not load any extra external resources... not that i noticed before.

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Which one.... JUST the bundle by itself ???

Do i need to reference the .css file ???

I seem to recall additional files from some CDN that got loaded as well... Where do they come from....

Just trying to package the ALL the files i need in the /Assets/Babylon/Library folder... Don't want to have to DEPEND on any other files coming from the internet.

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The inspector loads dynamically several external lib :

- fonts (awesomeFont, for every icons, and Inconsolata for the main font of the inspector)
- In shader tab ONLY, it loads highlight.js in order to have a coloring style for the glsl code.

If you know another way to do it, I'm listening :)

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