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OPTIMIZE_WITH_UV causes un-smoothed normals after recomputing


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yes but I edited the other post and started this new one, as the problem is not at all what I thought it was :) it has nothing to do with me moving verts. It's just that the "optimization" flag in the obj loader causes the normals to not recalculate correctly.



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Yes it looks like the change only takes effect if you reapply the vertex data (I can see it on another model where it affects the lighting)

I'm wondering how this even runs in the playground, there is a typo line 31, "inices" instead of "indices". If you fix the typo, it doesn't smooth :( 

I got excited for a moment :D


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thanks, I had a look and from what I can tell it only affect this function, which to be honest looks like minified code :D

var isInArrayUV = (arr: Array<{ normals: Array<number>; idx: Array<number>; uv: Array<number> }>, obj: Array<number>) => {
                if (!arr[obj[0]]) arr[obj[0]] = { normals: [], idx: [], uv: [] };
                var idx = arr[obj[0]].normals.indexOf(obj[1]);

                if (idx != 1 && (obj[2] == arr[obj[0]].uv[idx])) {
                    return arr[obj[0]].idx[idx];
                return -1;

Do we know who wrote the obj loader? I'd love to understand what this does :)

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this is not a bug

recompute calculate new normal with face points when we import .obj (with last uv ) with SceneLoader 

algorithm make separated face so recomputed method create flat normal

the best way to have correct normal is import that normal from obj and recalculate always have some part of data 

i work on new importer but i just can correct  non edge(uv edge) part of mesh

left : last uv + recompute 

center : raw object + recompute

right : scene loader 


bird : http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#D6IPT#7

textured : http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#D6IPT#6

solution :

1.import raw obj 

2.recompute normals

3. correct last uv problem + append new normal to created face

i need time to fix some bug and import this stuff 




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