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Flat Shaded Mesh to Height Map Impostor


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When I try to make a BABYLON.PhysicsImpostor.HeightmapImpostor with something that is flat shaded the collisions do not work. I was wondering if that was a bug or if you need to use a smooth shaded mesh in order to make a Heightmap Impostor.

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Hi guys.  I found someone's playground that uses a HeightmapImpostor.  I haven't used one before, much, or ever.


The boxes sure launch at high speeds and odd directions.  Not sure why. 

Experimenters can change line 11 to false... to use spheres.  Notice the conversion to flat shaded... in line 36.

Physics collisions seem to work, but strangely.  Activate lines 16-18 for random box scaling.  This (seemingly) makes the boxes sink into the heightmap to their origin/center.

SO, yeah, KPG... if you can show us a playground where flat shading is killing physics collisions, that would be great.  It would help us see your issue, better.  Feel free to modify the above playground and save new versions (and paste the new url's here, if you like).  We can talk about stuff.

There is a collision system built-into BJS, too.  It doesn't need Cannon plugin or physics Impostors.  Could you be talking about THAT type of collision and mesh-intersects (not working with flat-shaded heightMaps) ??  If so, we need to change our approach.  :)  Be well, guys.  We'll talk again soon, maybe.

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