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Hello my friends!!

I'm happy to announce that the Playground can now let you pick the version you want to use (latest or 2.5 so far).

We did it because of the upcoming breaking changes introduced by 3.0 (I'm removing all functions or features marked as deprecated in previous versions)



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Could we have a list of functions or features removed in 3.0 ?

Should we now use MeshBuilder only to create primitive objects for exemple?  What are the replacement functions to remove function?
A list might be useful ways to put our project updated with aperture 3.0.

I find this a very good thing to remove all its features deprecated. I guess the tutorials will be updated by removing all its features deprecated?

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Hello, you know that I'm the big knight of backward compatibility.

The only affected code is the one related to Physics. We used to used a lot of functions on mesh about physics. Now they are on mesh.getPhysicImpostor().

See this commit for the list of affected functions: https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/pull/1849/commits/582d21e43967e6740e01ca267aa546107e4bce6c


Nothing else will be removed :)

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I thought you would withdraw for 3.0 BABYLON.Mesh also all and only keep BABYLON.BuilderMesh. This surely lighten the weight minimize file for 3.0.

I think the version 3.0 of babylon and WebGL 2 (major change) should use what is to replace the new features. version 2.5 if you want to use the old functions. But then with the documentation I do not know how it would happen with such a change.

These are just ideas. :)

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I encourage the "turkey dump".  Couple of questions from the what's New:

  • You should double check the major changes to ensure very item is still going to be there;)
  • I know that putting in Mesh.updateVerticesDirectly() was my doing.  Now that mesh.updateVerticesData() is float32Array friendly, that is what I use.  Unless, geometry.updateVerticiesDataDirectly() is still being used underneath, nuke it to.  Doubt anybody even knows it is there.
  • As far as the "redecorating" of physics calls, how are these going to represented in JSON?
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