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Looking for NON tiled 2d level editor


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I've been looking for the same thing... Dame's interface is not exactly intuitive and it seems to have more focus on tiles.  Construct 2 and Game Maker are not really level editors, they are full blown game building suites.  Not what you want if you want to use Phaser or some other OS framework for your game. Ogmo editor looked promising, but it is buggy and not actively developed anymore.  Tiled seems pretty good, but obviously is focused on tile maps.  It has support for object layers, but it does not have scale and rotate.  As a result, I have started to build my own level editor with Node-webkit, using Fabric.js for easy entity manipulation.  if anyone is interested in helping out with it, let me know, maybe we can open source it at some point.

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Hi there, 


You can perform these tasks with PhaserLE. It is pretty similar to what you are suggesting in building, and i think it is what you are after. It runs on your local file system and is written in Phaser so is perfectly compatible with your project. Also, unlike Construct2 it does not write ALL the code for you - you can still go in and get your hands dirty. How far along did you get with your own level editor? I would be interested to hear how you got along with node-webkit - we have looked at using the technology for v2 of PhaserLE and mentioned our experiences in our podcast here:



I hope this helps,



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