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I want to put my game to Play Store, I googled it a bit and found Cordova and CocoonJS.

I'm planning to use Box2D plugin and websockets for the game so my questions are:

  1. Which one is faster? I don't want to use CocoonJS if i don't have to since it adds a "built with Cocoon" splash.
  2. Is websockets supported?
  3. Is it possible to read & write files, show notifications?
  4. Can I use Google Play Games Services?
  5. How can I monetize my game? Is there an easy way to add ads?


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CocoonJS uses Cordova with crosswalk.

1 - I think the performance will be the same in both. Cordova may be harder to set up (although I never used cocoon, but I assume it will bootstrap all your webview settings).

2 - Yes, crosswalk supports websockets.

3 - Yes, with cordova plugins.

4 - Yes, also with cordova plugins.

5 - There is also a cordova plugin for Google Adsense.

If you explore cordova, you will find that there's a plugin for almost all native functionality.

The box2d however, may not have good performance on older devices.

You need to test and prototype. Good luck with your game.

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