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a community mega game


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i had an idea of building a mega community game.

the general idea will be building an api(server side) for an rpg/strategy game that other developers will build html 5 components , quests , new functionally and whatever goes up in there imagination .

developer/artist could make premium content in there components do earn money/

also mach up with developers and artists and add fast features to the api with sharing the project in GitHub.

my question is: as a developer/artist do you think you will want to take a part in a project  like this ?

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I'm usually skeptical ;)  Without massive persuasion the chance of content providers adopting a new walled-garden platform is near zero.  Questions include:  What is the incentive to early adopters?   Does anyone in the founding team have prior success at such platforms?  Has the market cried out for such a platform?  What alternatives currently exist - and what stops such competitors from delivering this new solution faster than a newcomer?

Basically the list of risks (at first glance) is bigger than the list of opportunities.  So perhaps consider taking the enthusiasm and new ideas into an existing project that fulfills some or most of the goals - contributing to that with an existing team in place may achieve more?

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If you want to build a projects like this, you shouldn't wait for others.

Start building a platform and game you like in small steps, if it it's good (the game, the engine or the platform) keep improving it and others will eventually join.

The hardest part is to start doing and promoting it.

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