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Canvas2D Tutorial is Missing

Eric McG

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And the doc deleter... is the guy who coded a competing/superseding GUI system.  hmm.  :D

Unfortunately, deltakosh doesn't have a single cell of malicious intent in his entire body/brain, so we probably can't generate any juicy rumors/propaganda around this.  :)

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25 minutes ago, adam said:

Shouldn't they just be moved to the extension?

Seems a little harsh to delete them.

They were initially

Believe the concern is lack of ongoing support for Canvas2D.

Like all things github it is gone but not forgotten  https://github.com/BabylonJS/Extensions/tree/master/canvas2D

I never really did understand Canvas2D though did appreciate its capabilities. Whether there is anyone interested and capable enough to fork and take it on is an open question.

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I was not intend to be harsh (clearly not) but having canvas2d in the doc (even in the extensions side of the house) was misleading for a lot of people. They were starting to use canvas2d and it is not a good idea as it is no more supported at all.

I obviously have a copy of the documentation but in the meantime, just to avoid further questions ending in my inbox, I removed them from the doc website.

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