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[Solved]How to move the enemy left and right horizontal loop?


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Hello everyone, I am developing a platform game like super Mario , I hope the enemy can move left and right horizontal and loop this.

I just use very stupid way to make it.

I use this code is work.

 if (enemy.x<= 450){
            enemy.body.velocity.x = +200;

        }  else if (enemy.x>= 800){
            enemy.body.velocity.x = -200;


if I have more than one enemy, I need to set each of their values.

I try to use  game.add.tween eg game.add.tween(enemy).to({ x: enemy.x+80 }........, It also work!!!!!!! but same problem , I need to set each of their values.

I try to use   time.events, but no success.

What are the easy way to set enemy auto move left and right horizontal and loop this?  Thanks you very much.



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