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blender 2 babylon exporter v5.4 ranges bug


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Hi, was testing my personal project: a low poly mesh with a few actions exported using the b2b exporter v5.4. The animation range in the start frames are off by 1. My actions start from frame 1, exported babylon file shows frame 0 and testing confirms the animation when triggered doesn't loop nicely. :( Currently, the mesh has 4~5 actions, project upon completion should have a few hundred or so. Just curious, is this bug from the exporter or blender ? Should I start thinking about coding a fix when ImportMesh is called from babylon ? Or is this like a quick 2s fix on the exporter ? Pls do not tell me that I have to edit it manually... :blink:

Thanks for reading and hope it helps, cheers

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After a little more testing, frame start seems to be more than just off by 1. I made a 3 frames action and did the below:

1) If my action starts at frame 1 and ends at frame 3, the ranges exported shows "from":40,"to":43.

2) If my action starts at frame 0 and ends at frame 2, the ranges exported shows "from":40,"to":42.

3) If my action starts at frame -1 and ends at frame 1, the ranges exported shows"from":40,"to":41.

4) If my action starts at frame -2 and ends at frame 0, the ranges exported shows "from":40,"to":40.

5) If my action starts at frame -3 and ends at frame -1, the ranges exported shows "from":40,"to":39.


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8 hours ago, JCPalmer said:

You should not expect the frames to line up.  I put gaps in just for sanity sake, so it will be obvious the different ranges do not share a begin - end frame.  If you are calling by range name, should not matter.

oh, I see, understood, thanks. Gonna go ahead and mark this as solved, cheers.

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