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Parametric cabinet


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Hi Babylon community,

First of all I would like to say thank you for framework!

After 5 months of friendship with Babylon js, my project 'Parametric Cabinets' halfway through! :)

It's still pretty rough, but works on all devices!

And now it's time to ask for your opinion.

Video link (Admin panel)

Next step improve materials, edges and shadows.


1. For each part I'm using enableEdgesRendering(), but lines not solid. :(

2. For each face I'm using MultiMaterial with subMaterials. Is this Ok for performance? (keep in mind I need control all grains for all faces)

3. Shadows? I need good example of shadows, please:)




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Marvelous!  Well done!  Holy crap!  Arte, my dog is smiling at this.  So am I.

SO, now... about saving...

Um... is this also going to "generate"... "Parametric Cabinet Scripting Language" v1.0?

Ya know, I just got done with those goofy moveTo, ScaleTo, SpinTo tests... which are darned-near-to being an animation scripting language (that's why I talked-about "speaking" an animation sequence. as-if it were an English sentence).  SO maybe I have "make it a script language" fever.  (ie. ignore me at-will)  :)

Ya got a nice editor there, ya got a fine purpose-parameter, and ya kicked it's royal butt!  PARTY!  Errrr... I'd say 2/3-way to PARTY!!

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Yeah, I was about to ask you the same question.  :D  Or maybe I already did.

Every "event" that happens in your editor... could be "assembled" into

scale board1 x16 y23 z1.4;
move board1 x34;

new board board2;
scalesnap board2 east west north;

etc.  For each event that happens (while operating the editor with mouse), you could "make-up" an Arte-invented command... and store it in a "stack-of-events thingy".  :)

Later... you can save this stack-of-commands.  And even later, you can load it into the stack-of-commands parser... and it will re-assemble the cabinet perfectly.  It can even perform each step in slow-motion animation... for script debug-mode.  Wow!  Then, stack-of-commands files will be saved in somefile.apc  (Arte's Parametric Cabinet fileType)  :)   Really, just a json format or xml... or just plain text file.  ;)

Weird idea, eh?  Nod.

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Amazing, Arte!  Way to go! 

I'll take one of each... in Teak wood... light colored stain... near blond.   Farm-out the construction (to master cabinet-makers), and have the items delivered to my home.  Bill the forum... gouge as wanted.  thx.  :)  (And thx for the media-show sneak-peak - cool of ya!)

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So, Arte... are you thinking about maybe... trying some AI/fuzzy-logic... to get "an algorithm"... that would allow the computer to assemble its own "configuration ideas"?

I know, I know, there's a gazillion variables that need "rules of engagement"... but... hmm.  Almost like a spreadsheet.  This measurement depends upon this value gotten from adding this value to that value.  Cell formulas.  Goofy.

Perhaps, start simple.  Let's say you have built a "configuration" for a wall of cabs.  Now, you say... "Hey computer... change it in a way that maintains general config, but make it no taller than 5 foot" (for kids and wheelchair folk).  The computer would mostly need to change the shelving (and do some general down-scaling), likely removing a few shelves, and re-spacing others.  hmm.

Or perhaps... "Hey computer... show me various ways to add more counter-space."  (both open-underneath for computer desk, or shelves underneath like kitchen cab) (sacrifice one cabinet/shelf section, replace with counter-top/desk-area, and still maintain structural "soundness").  Ok, that's asking too much. heh

Sorry... but I can't stop thinking of demented ways to torture stuff... it's who i am.  :D  Ignore me at-will.

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Hi Babylon Community,

I decided to make a side project https://3d-visual-solution.com, this is a small part from Parametric Cabinet project.

As I still working on Parametric cabinet project (transferring all code to NullEngine).

Some projects made using  Parametric cabinet.


Your opinion is important to me :).

Comments and suggestions are welcome.


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