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How much have you made in 2017?


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How many games you release during this time and how much time you are putting in every title? From my side: I'm doing gamedev after normal daily job and managed to get ~3000$ from contract work, but didn't released any game that I own in this time. For 2018 I've already started with removing jobs that doesn't scale well (require my constant attention). This should give me some free time and hopefully I'll start releasing some games this year. If not I've already booked ~10000$ in contract work and have some options for more. Not bad side income in eastern Europe.

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I did 17.500$ only with HTML5 Games. This is a nice addition on top of my mobile and contract work stuff, but to be honest I had hoped that I'm able to make more out of it (I've started to port all my mobile games to HTML5 in the end of 2016 and had hoped to license them with the possibility to licenses my whole catalogue a few times which didn't happened sadly).

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