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Depth system in pixi?


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Hi to everybody.
I have two containers, how can i sort all object into the two system?

I have a particle system ( a PIXI.SpriteBatch ) and some sprite into the stage.

Every spriteBatch object and every stage sprite have the "z" attribute.
I would sort the sprite ( into the stage ) and the objects ( into the sproteBatch ) based on the "z" attribute.

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There can be 100 different implementations of Z-layer, we can do them as a plugins. Just tell me what kind of z-index you need, do you want to use DEPTH_BUFFER or sort all sprites in scene?



C'mon, even SFML has this. What's your excuse on this one? 


For example, that thing will mess with filters and particles.

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With all due respect. I don't know why z-index is not part of PIXI. C'mon, even SFML has this. What's your excuse on this one?

SFML is also not a 2d library, it is a gl wrapper.

PIXI is not a gl wrapper, it is a 2D library.

Z-index in 2D games is very application specific. We left that to userland.

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