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Is it possible to make a sprite based on a canvas texture which is changed by the system time?


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It seems the `Sprite` in PIXI only supports static texture. What if I have such a sprite which is originated from a canvas element with radialgradient color, and I want the radius of the gradient change continuously based on current time? Say like a bubble from small to big and then small again. Something like that. Can I use sprite for that purpose?

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13 hours ago, ivan.popelyshev said:

One of possible ways is to call "renderer.textureManager.updateTexture" manually every time it changes. In pixi-v5 its easier. Sorry, im lazy today, you have to use search over github issues.

I've tried. But I can't make it update. Anything I have missed?


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3 hours ago, themoonrat said:

call .update() on the texture (the texture that is created with the canvas as the source) ?

Hi thanks I have also tried that method but it is updating the baseTexture and the result is weird. See my demo for the code I commented out.

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58 minutes ago, xerver said:

It works fine when you call sprite.update(). You just forgot to clear your canvas when you drew to the canvas in your lightenGradient function.

Working pen: https://codepen.io/anon/pen/mxyezY


Ah I see. Thank you for that. I thought update() will clear the texture before I redraw. What happens in the update() method?

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