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Babylon Toolkit Status


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Still working on the Most important feature of all that started the whole toolkit design for me...

My Unity Mechanim STYLE Frame By Frame Animation Posing System.


I simply SCRAPE OFF as much information about the native Unity Animation State Machine As Design Time, Serialize that as metadata.

Then my BABYLON.AnimationState class (from SceneManager Extension) uses my own implementation of a frame by frame animation state machine

that can blend ANY pose from ANY animation track for ANY clip on ANY layer at ANY given frame time... And its SUPER fast... Especally for DYNAMIC state changes

that would normally cause you to have to call scene.beginAnimation over and over and over to handle switching animation state.

But the animation state machine handles all this flawlessly so far :)  :)  :)


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Status Update: This is my first little demo of my Frame By Frame Animation State Machine. That Supports Animation Blending (Both Blending Speed And Final Composition)

Note the Play Blend button with play a Walk Forward animation with a 50% blend of the Left Strafe Walk ... Giving a Diagonal Walk Forward result :)

Clear your browser cache and take a look: http://mackey.cloud/games/tester/


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PBR Fixes... Check this Daz3D render out the box with just the KNOWN lashes and eyes fixes (Have to set AlphaIsTransparency and use proper render Mode).


Unity Render Mode now convert perfectly to BabylonJS




Transparent = AlphaBlend With Pre Multiply Alpha Mode

Cutout = AlphaTest With No Alpha Blending

Fade = AlphaBlend With Default Combine Alpha Mode

Opaque = No Alpha Blending



Check the Hair and the Eyes to... All using Standard Unity Shader (Export As PBRMaterial of course) ... Looks pretty damm good to me... (Without Ambient Occlusion because Daz3D does NOT export or use Ambient Occlusion Maps...I might try to bake with Maya or Blender and see how that looks)






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These are the Original Daz3D and Unity Renders:




And exported to Unity





Heck... I think the BabylonJS render looks BETTER than Unity Render and a little more SMOOTHER than the Daz3D.


Skin looks great in Babylon PBR Material (With all the perfect GLTF Material Export Settings and Proper Metallic Texture Encoding)


And My Babylon Shot Again



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