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MDP Monkey

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Hello - can anyone explain how to create a simple blender object with 2 or more animations, for exporting to babylon?

I can get a basic animation to work, but more than 1 is a mystery. I can't find any tutorials that explain this.

I just want a really simple cube that moves sideways and up and down, as separate animations.

Then I'll be able to understand how to setup multiple animations in blender, ready to be used in babylon.



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Hi, thanks for the input. It looks like there are multiple bugs with the process, and it's a lot trickier than I expected.
It also forces you to use armatures, which seems unnecessary if you're not using bones.

It seems a lot easier to just setup 1 animation in blender, export it, and split it into multiple animations manually.

I'll go to the "Blender to babylon" Github page and beg them to export animations separately from the NLA tracks.

That would make things very quick and simple!

Thanks again

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The exporter supports multiple actions exporting to a single animation(which is all a that BJS can really handle).  However, as it exports these multiple animations, it also exports the range each action occupies in a BABYLON.AnimationRange.  Just start a AnimationRange instead of an Animation directly, and you will never need to care where which magic number frames are  the start and stop.

Also, for non-armature actions ONLY, you can eliminate frames with can be interpolated & greatly reduce your export file.  E.g. If a mesh moves from 0,0,0 to 10,0,30 linearly, only the start and stop frame need be in the animation.  This DOES NOT apply to bone, though.

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