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11 hours ago, mattferndale said:

I haven't uploaded to kongregate but probably path problems  (absolute or relative)...

Thank you mattferndale, I removed slash symbol and now it's showing textures. Hurray!

Unfortunately game input become active only when I click on very tiny spot in TOP-LEFT corner but that's most likely kongregate's fault.

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Ok so with input problem. I uploaded game also on NewGrounds. Clicking on game does not turn it interactive. I found that maybe iframe is blocking game canvas.

Am I missing some metadata in header ? Anyone got running game on these sites?


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Tried 3.7.1 and using 3.6. but that's not the issue.

I mean when you load webpage with game. Game is running but it's not interactive so you have to click on it. What I found, is I have to click on iFrame which is overlaped with game canvas. Only small area are not blocked by canvas (white lines, see picture).


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