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Big "reputable" guys haven't paid but using game


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One of my customers are well known company, they are here in the forums too with good reputation. They purchased custom game and I've delivered it to them. They delayed payment with tons of explanations. Now I see my code used on their site but I haven't received any payment from them. I am going to look for legal solution.

And this is a simple reminder - always get at least half in advance even if you have several projects with the same client before. And those guys have reputation, haha. My bad for being too naive. 

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I'm so sorry to hear that, that I decided to create an account to express it. Putting a lot of effort into a project to then go through it when getting paid is a pain in the arse (been there with a game of mine -- not HTML5, though).

By the way, I'd love to hear some input on how you/other devs defend themselves from these things. Since a HTML5 app is a tad bit too "accessible" to anyone, I don't see how I can protect myself from this kind of thing. Is there any way to "register" a game? Right now I just post all the progress I make on twitter to prove I've been working on it (be it games, digital art, etc).

Here hoping you sort things out!

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